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How to effectively conduct a Technical interview

When it comes to Tech hiring, the market is presently inclined towards sellers. With the high level of growth witnessed in the Tech Startup ecosystem, the demand for good talent is certainly higher than the supply. Every new hire in the tech team is critical as it can improve or impair the performance of your company substantially. Considering the importance and shortage of tech talent, it becomes important to have an effective and efficient interview process to have talented candidates join your company. Here are few tips to keep in mind while conducting tech interviews:

Check the candidate’s motivation and credentials before calling for interview:  The experienced hiring manager will be able to determine a candidate's motivation by having a short call with him/her. There are few candidates who appear for interviews just to check the market reality without having a real interest in joining your company. It is important to weed out such prospects in the initial stage. In addition to that, thoroughly analyze candidates resume to ensure he checks all of the right boxes for your position qualification checklist.

Design a smooth hiring process: The hiring head should try to make the process short and smooth for a candidate to go through. If the process has 5-6 rounds and the prospect has to visit the company’s office for more than two times for face to face discussion, there’s a high probability that he will lose interest. Try to accommodate all face to face interviews during one visit while other rounds can be conducted on Skype or phone call.

Analyze his passion for Tech: There are two types of techies, the first type do coding as a job while the second category follows coding as a passion. One of the methods to check the interest level of prospect is by asking questions to know if he pursues technology as an interest outside the work hours and what kind of social groups he interacts with. Passionate people learn very quickly and can infuse high energy levels into the system.

Don’t rely too much on coding skills: Many tech recruiters give too much weight to coding skill. While coding skills are necessary to accomplish work, it is equally critical to check the analytical and problem-solving skills of the candidate. Basic technical questions are required to ensure the candidate didn't misrepresent their skills and credentials. Once you have checked that analyze his problem-solving capabilities by giving him cases and scenarios.

Ask open-ended questions and give candidates a chance to express themselves:  Smart hiring managers speak less and create situations wherein candidates express more. Ask open-ended questions in a specific technical area and then carefully analyze their responses. Good candidates will be introducing advanced technology topics and insights on their own.

Ask about the worst software project that they have executed: Remember that you are hiring humans and not machines. People tend to make mistakes and those who accept it are honest. If the candidate is able to tell about his failure and the leanings he got from it, it exhibits his honesty and ability to learn and evolve.

Tech hiring is a specialized field that requires deep domain knowledge and ability to gauge the psychological and emotional level of the candidates. It is always good to outsource your tech hiring requirements to an experienced and reliable recruitment agency if you lack the resources to execute it in in-house.

*Photo by Štefan ŠtefanĨík on Unsplash