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Tips for meeting your Tech Hiring demands

Finding the right Tech/Engineering talent, especially with expertise in the areas of software development, cloud computing, data analytics and mobile strategies is not easy in present times. More and more companies are competing over the few candidates who have the increasing niche and specialised skill sets they require. With the proliferation of Startups in Fintech, AI and Big Data space, that have a high demand for Tech talent, the situation is getting tougher for a hiring manager.

To get the right people needed for these critical tech roles Tech leadership, HR departments and recruitment firms have to work together. Here are three strategies you can use to meet the demand in tech hiring

Understand and communicate what tech candidates want: While a paycheck is important, selecting a job is more about the experience and whether the work will satisfy the candidate’s professional and personal interests. Highlight the exciting work and growth that is in store for the prospective employee and also the culture of the company. Communicate what sets your organization apart and what makes your work culture desirable. It is also a good idea to share content and videos to directly showcase the work culture. The job description should be concise, interesting and easily readable.

Ask the right questions: It is important to not focus too much on generic questions, especially for Tech roles. The recruiting manager shouldn’t spend too much time on questions like “What are your strengths/weaknesses, how do you deal with a situation etc?”  Candidates have been answering them in almost all the interviews that they had appeared in their career. Come to critical questions related to his work and how it created an impact on the organization. Test the hands-on experience of a candidate even for senior roles. The interviewer must also ask candidates to share their past work to analyze his execution skills in products/software development, technology implementation, testing etc. In most companies, tech leaders work closely with Product managers and senior management, it is therefore critical to have candidates with good communication skills and teamwork abilities.

Hire the services of a professional recruitment company to avoid making bad hires. Even the seasoned HR managers routinely overlook critical details while sourcing candidates and during the interview process. Tech hiring is a specialized field and should be accomplished through a recruitment company that has been doing it successfully for years. A competent hiring agency has domain consultants who are skilled in identifying the best talent and matching it with the client’s needs. If the company is operating for a few years, it will also have a large proprietary database and good industry connects that helps in sourcing the most relevant talent.

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